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What is Baobab Oil?

by Ilne Roemmelt |

More about Baobab Oil

Baobab Oil fights poverty

The Baobab Tree - also known as the tree of life - is found in Southern Africa including Botswana, South Africa and Madagascar. This amazing tree has many magical properties from the cultural significance to the nutritional benefits plus the ability to help lift some of Africa’s poorest women out of poverty. The more we use this African super fruit - the more we help fight poverty!

5 Benefits of Baobab Oil

Ok - so it’s good for the community and it has cultural significance but why should I put it on my skin and hair? African women have been using baobab oil for hundreds of years as multi-purpose skin and hair remedy. Check out the benefits below:

  • non greasy facial and body moisturizing packed with anti-antioxidants and regenerating properties
  • soothing and calming scalp oil
  • strengthening hair oil great for dry and brittle hair
  • perfect for split nails or dry cuticles
  • natural facial cleanser

Stay tuned to find out more on how to use your SERIES No.1 LOVE multi-use oil!

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