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Q&A with the gorgeous Wilke-Mari

by Ilne Roemmelt |  | 1 comment

Q&A with our South African model

What is it like to be a model?

We sat down with one of our South African models Wilke-Mari Hamman to find out what it takes to be a model and finding out more about this beauty.


What feature do you love most about yourself?

My mind, it might sound arrogant, but I love learning and sharing. I love remembering good memories and experiences and understanding the world around me. I makes me appreciate people and my surroundings.


It must be amazing being a model but probably tough at times. How do you deal with self doubt in such an image conscious environment?

To be honest, there is a reason we say everyone is beautiful, because guess what? It's true! I have come to realize that its more important to be supported by friends and family and love yourself before you take anything to heart. I have been told I was underweight and overweight in the same week for similar castings. At the end of the day if I don't love my body, my loved ones will be there first ones to jump at me and tell me to love it again, they are the ones that know you best.


Do you feel that the modeling industry has become more inclusive and diverse?

Definitively more diverse, not just physically! I have seen runways with beautiful girls of all sizes dance and sing rather that just "walk the walk". It's become so bold and embracing!


What makes you feel strong and powerful?

The things I am passionate about. There is nothing more powerful and strong than passion. Through passion people have risen beyond measure and have become leaders and motivators to all. I am so excited to finish my degree in Creative Brand Communication this year, because I can feel something great coming from it in the future. 


How do you prep for a photo shoot? Do you have any secret beauty rituals?

Most people feel that the night before the shoot you need to run your skin through a marathon, but that is just expecting to much from my skin (especially with my acne). My secret wash warm, rinse cold (open the pores up for a scrub and then close them) pace yourself through the week with what ever you have planned for your skin so that the night before your skin can rest just like you☺️Also, walk in with a smile ! Make sure it’s the first thing they see. 


Favorite way to consumer 800 calories?

Wow , had to do some math! I don’t count my calories. I don’t know in what order, but it looks like I can fit all over my favorites in , so that would be humus on crackers, pasta , cheesecake wine and more wine.


What's on your playlist?

Ohh now that's a good question. I am quite a indie, punk and rock fan. You can find Bring me the Horizon, The Black Keys, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Blink- 182, Oliver Tree, Tame Impala, Arctic Monkeys and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. 


Your life mottos?

"You are supposed to be in trouble

Life will always challenge you, it's the only way you will grow and learn who you are. Don't worry too much about your troubles, they are there for a reason and you will learn such important lessons.

How do you relax?

Ohh with a coffee and loud music or with friends and a good view.


Favorite non-perfume smell?

The smell of coffee and the smell of lilies.


Hope you've enjoyed getting to know the gorgeous Wilke-Mari. 


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