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Save the Baobabs Initiative

by Ilne Roemmelt |  | 12 comments

Plant a tree

We are passionate about Africa, her people and her biodiversity. Our first sustainability initiative was developed around the baobab tree. Known as the “Tree of Life” for the many ecosystems that it supports – giving food, shelter and water to animals and humans. In addition to these, the baobab also serves as an important source of income for many Africans. Baobab trees grow in extremely remote parts of Africa where food and water are scarce. These trees do not form part of a plantation but instead are community or family owned and wild harvested. According to National Geographic, the global demand for baobab could be worth 1 billion dollars to rural Africa every year benefiting an estimated 10 million households. At MAWU it is our mission to draw attention to these life changing African botanicals that are both good for you and can change millions of peoples lives.

So how do we help and how do you help? Through careful sourcing, we have found a supplier who not only sources baobab sustainably but also ensures the future propagation of this species. Through her “Guardians of the Baobab” program your purchase contributes to the continued survival of the baobab trees. Our supplier runs a program where she teaches the women who collect baobab fruit how to grow and nurture young baobab trees. The baobab seedlings are grown in home gardens until the trees are strong enough to survive being planted out. The Guardians take care of the young tree until it reaches 3 meters in height to ensure they survive during their most vulnerable time. The Guardians are given progress payment to encourage them to protect the trees from damage and to keep the trees constantly watered When the little Baobab tree has reached its target height and is moved into nature's care - the whole process starts all over again.

We are so excited to be part of this wonderful process where not only we get to empower women but we also help to save the environment. 



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