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Based on powerful plant botanicals that deliver proven performance to hair and scalp.

We believe that great hair starts with a healthy scalp. That is why all our ingredients are selected to care for the scalp and not strip the precious lipids from your skin. This delivers and ensures a formula that is gentle, cleansing and nurturing.

Sourcing the most potent natural ingredients from Africa

From the super velvety Shea butter loved by Cleopatra to Baobab seed oil which is known as Africa’s Superfruit containing more Vit C than oranges. Africa is home to an incredible variety of super powerful ingredients that have been used for centuries by local women to protect and nourish their skins in some of the harshest climates. All these ingredients contribute to the livelihood of many populations across Africa and the continued propagation of these species fight deforestation and preserve African biodiversity for future generations. Join our tribe and share in the community of caring for yourself, others and the environment.


Hi, my name is Ilne and I am the founder of MAWU Beauty.

I am a South African living in the United States. Having worked in the beauty industry for many years I always felt frustrated by the lack of diversity and transparency shown by beauty brands. Knowing that so many of the most powerful ingredients come from Africa and are based on ancient African beauty rituals - I wanted to create a brand that pays homage to Africa, her diversity and her powerful natural ingredients.

MAWU is the heartbeat of a modern Africa - a place of diversity, creativity, vibrancy and inclusivity. Join our tribe to become part of a diverse community that cares about each other and the environment.


We respect ourselves, fellow humans, animals and nature. Our raw materials are sustainably sourced and we never test on animals.


We believe in the freedom to be ourselves. To have different skin colors, different body shapes, different religions and in the ability to freely express ourselves – through art, music, dance.

Power to the People

We believe in giving power to the people. Down with the big companies that abuse and misuse and chase profit at all cost. In with sustainable business where we benefit together – good for you, good for the planet, good for our suppliers and good for us.