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Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

All our decisions, ingredients and products are developed and sourced based on our sustainability guidelines.

1/ ingredients

MAWU is dedicated to bringing awareness to community trade initiatives. By sourcing sustainably from remote areas in Africa – we generate an income for local women and an awareness for these ingredients. Many of these ingredients such as Baobab trees grow in extremely remote parts of Africa where food and water are scarce. These trees do not form part of a plantation but instead are community or family owned and wild harvested.

According to National Geographic, the global demand for baobab could be worth 1 billion dollars to rural Africa every year benefiting an estimated 10 million households. At MAWU it is our mission to draw attention to these life changing African botanicals that are both good for you and can change millions of peoples lives.

2/ biodiversity initiatives

“Guardians of the Baobab”

Protecting the African biodiversity is central to the MAWU ethos. Through careful sourcing, we have found a supplier who not only sources baobab sustainably but also ensures the future propagation of this species. Through her “Guardians of the Baobab” program your purchase contributes to the continued survival of the baobab trees by incentivizing local women to care for and nurture young baobab trees.


We always use fully recyclable materials where possible and avoid excessive packaging. Our shipping boxes are made out of 100% recycled paper while our HDPE bottles are fully recyclable.


We respect ourselves, fellow humans, animals and nature. Our raw materials are sustainably sourced and we never test on animals.


We believe in the freedom to be ourselves. To have different skin colors, different body shapes, different religions and in the ability to freely express ourselves – through art, music, dance.

Power to the People

We believe in giving power to the people. Down with the big companies that abuse and misuse and chase profit at all cost. In with sustainable business where we benefit together – good for you, good for the planet, good for our suppliers and good for us.